Meet the Pastor

Senior Pastor Dion O. Whitley

Early Life & Family

Born July 24, 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to parents Mrs. Essie & Alexander Whitley, Sr. Elder Dion Whitley is the youngest of four siblings: Trustee Sherine, Deaconess Karole, Alexander Whitley Jr., and Reverend Tyrone N. Whitley. He has also been blessed with additional mothers such as his Godmother, Pastor V.H. Robinson and his spiritual mother, the late Overseer L.M. McClain. Elder Dion begin his education at the tender age of one, attending Pierce, Whittier, Rhodes and graduating from Dobbins High School. Elder Whitley is the proud father of two daughters: Dante Shanell and Evany Janae. Elder Dion is a hard working, caring father and leader. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Due to his caring and paternalistic nature, he has acquired a host of Godchildren. Elder Whitley has been employed since his youth, working a newspaper route as a young boy and then joining the workforce at Devons Factory where he was eventually promoted to supervisor. His work ethic is rooted in scripture, “…you don’t work, you don’t eat.” (ll Thessalonians 3:10) and his slogan is “I make money, money don’t make me.”

Following his tenure at Devons, he was blessed to enter the mechanic field, the trade he studied in high school. Through a series of promotions, God has blessed him to become owner and president of Aamco Transmission located at 6726 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia. Elder Dion has been in the church all his life. He grew up in a Christian home and was also instructed by his godmother and spiritual mother. Elder Dion is a giver and a “doer”. There is nothing that he has that he wouldn’t share with others. He often seeks out ways to enhance the church building as well as assist the congregants in the church. Elder Whitley has many roles at ETOD: He is a member of the Executive Board, Trustee, musician, and cook. He spends countless hours counseling and praying for the saints of God. Elder Dion was called to the ministry at an early age. April 26, 1997 he was ordained as an Evangelist. He has continued to fulfill the responsibilities of this office of servitude by assisting his pastor, nurturing the spiritual needs of believers, visiting the sick and shut-in, and most importantly teaching and preaching the word of God. In December 2011, after hearing God clearly, Elder accepted the call to become Assistant Pastor of Emmanuel’s Temple of Deliverance. He began to introduce the 21st century “kingdom” mindset and is animate about the saints having a personal relationship with God. As he continues to humble and dedicate himself to please the heavenly father, God continues to call him to higher heights and deeper depths.